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Forthcoming. An Impossibility Theorem for Base Rate Tracking and Equalised Odds (with Rush Stewart, Shanna Slank and Reuben Stern). Analysis[Preprint]

Forthcoming. Base Rate Tracking, Individual Fairness and the Lipschitz ConditionJournal of Artificial Intelligence Research[Preprint]

2024. Comparative LearningPhilosophy of Science. [Preprint]

2023. How a minimal learning agent can infer the existence of unobserved variables in a complex environment (with Katja Ried, Hans Briegel, and Thomas Müller). Minds and Machines. [Preprint

2023. Anti Reductionist Interventionism (with Reuben Stern). British Journal for the Philosophy of Science. [Preprint]

2022. Comparative Opinion Loss (with Reuben Stern). Philosophy and Phenomenological Research. [Preprint

2022. Chancy Covariance and the Mind Body ProblemOxford Studies in Philosophy of Mind. [Preprint]

2022. Algorithmic Fairness and Base Rate Tracking. Philosophy and Public Affairs. [Preprint]

2022. Four Approaches to Supposition. (with Branden Fitelson and Ted Shear). Ergo[Preprint]

2021. The Logic of Partial Supposition. (with Stephan Hartmann). Analysis. [Preprint]

2020. Being in Q-Worlds (with Masanao Ozawa and Andreas Doering). Review of Symbolic Logic[Preprint]

2020. The Logic of Conditional Belief. Philosophical Quarterly. [Preprint]

2020. Learning from Conditionals (with Stephan Hartmann and Soroush Rafiee Rad). Mind[Preprint]

2020. On The Origins of Old Evidence. (with Stephan Hartmann). Australasian Journal of Philosophy. [Preprint]

2020. `Reasoning in Physics' (co-edited with Stephan Hartmann) special issue of Synthese.

2019. Principles of Indifference. The Journal of Philosophy. [Preprint]

2019. A New Probabilistic Explanation of the Modus Ponens--Modus Tollens Asymmetry (with Henrik Singmann and Stephan Hartmann). Proceedings of the 41st Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society[Preprint]

2019. The Similarity of Causal Structure (with Reuben Stern and Stephan Hartmann). Philosophy of Science. [Preprint]

2018. Causal Explanatory Power (with Reuben Stern). British Journal for the Philosophy of Science. [Preprint]

2018. Bayesian Argumentation and the Value of Logical Validity (with Stephan Hartmann). Psychological Review. [Preprint]

2018. Emerging (In)Determinacy. Thought: A Journal of Philosophy. [Preprint]

2018. When No Reason For Is a Reason Against. (with Stephan Hartmann). Analysis. [Preprint]

2017. A-Symmetric Confirmation and Anthropic Skepticism. Synthese[Preprint]

2017. Topos Theoretic Quantum Realism. British Journal for the Philosophy of Science. [Preprint] 

2017. Review of Jeffrey Bub's Bananaworld: Quantum Mechanics for Primates. Metascience. 

2016. Paraconsistency and Quantum Theory. in Probing the Meaning and Structure of Quantum Mechanics: Superpositions, Semantics, Dynamics and Identity.

2016. Category Theory and Physical Structuralism. European Journal for the Philosophy of Science.

2016. Modality and Contextuality in Topos Quantum Theory. Studia Logica.

2015. Towards a Paraconsistent Quantum Set Theory. Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science (Proceedings of the 12th International Workshop on Quantum Physics and Logic, University of Oxford). [Preprint]


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